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  • Agro Special

    • Kitchen Garden, Nursery.
    • Various Fruits, Flowers, Crops, Vegetables.
    • Medical / Botanical Plants.
    • Various Projects
    • Solar Equipments.
    • Irrigation System.
    • Various Farming Processes.
    • Traditional Farmer’s Equipments, Culture.
    • Animal, Bird, Insect watching.
    • Field work training, budding.
    • Fertilization, Soil and Water information.
    • Traditional / Modern Games.
    • Safari.
    • Bullock cart riding
    • Tractor riding.


    • Various Rope Bridges.
    • Various Tyre Bridges.
    • Obstacle Courses.
    • Commando Tower.
    • Net Climbing.
    • Archery, Gun etc Shooting.
    • Satpuda Trekking.
    • Navigation.
    • Night Camping, Tent Pitching.
    • For Special Adventure Camp Includes, Zip line (flying fox).

    Water Park

    • Various Rain Dances (Round, S, Rain bow, Mushroom).
    • Various water Games (Big bucket, Multi bucket, gun, Fun etc)
    • Swimming Pool

    Special Camps

    • Summer Camp.
    • Shivtirth Satpuda Adventure Camp.
    • Chikhaldhara, Himalya Camp.
    • Spiritual Camp.
    • Farmer Training Camp.


    • Rowing Boat, Kayaking, Rafting, speed boat, pedal boat.
    • Boat house program.
    • Water Sports.

    Entertainment Features


    Bullock Cart Riding

    You get a guided tour in a bullock cart along the farm lands. It will be a unique experience that you will treasure for a long time.

    Solar Panel System

    Designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity to protect the farm.

    Honey Bee

    Observe the work and life of honey bee. Understand its importance and try to be honest in work like them.

    Varmi Compost

    Farmer’s friend earthworm, fertilize the soil to give good production of crops.

    Farming Tools & Equipments

    Traditional agriculture equipment’s used for farming. Tourist may try to run them and can have practical knowledge.

    Various type of Plantations

    The place is full of various plantations like Apple Ber, pomegranate, Mangoes, Chiku, Drumstick, kitchen garden, nursery and many more.

    Medicine Plants

    There are variety rare medicinal plants to see on Satpuda hills.


    Rainbow Dance

    Enjoy rainbow colours in water.

    Splash Buckets

    Get ready to enjoy plenty of water to fall suddenly.

    Mushroom Dance

    Close yourself in running water of mushroom.


    Net Climbing

    Look the view from top of net and enjoy adventure.

    Rope courses

    Increase your strength of concentration on rope course. Get ready to enjoy plenty of water to fall suddenly.

    Shooting Range

    Increase you aiming skill with fun and joy.


    Increase you aiming skill with fun and joy by bow and arrow.


    Traditional Games

    Play some traditional games of your ancient to protect your culture.


    The traditional way to walk over mud or water on road.

    Play Zone

    Play ground with ample of team building games and recreational games makes mind of students delightful.

    Play Zone

    Obstacle games to increase guessing power of students.


    Sunset View

    Enjoy the amazing sunset view.

    Jungle Safari

    The sky, mountain, trees, water, animal, birds give us a delight in and for themselves. Enjoy the beauty of nature and be mesmerized by the same.


    Catch all the fish that you want.

    Animal / Bird Watching

    Remember the days when you got up in the morning to call of variety of birds in your neighborhood. The beauty of nature lies in the listening to the endless choir of songs.


    Boat House

    Celebrate your memorable party with your heartens on boat house.

    Kayak Boat

    Develop your strength with kayaking.

    Function and Camping

    Wedding / Pre Wedding

    Celebrate your heartiest moments at god gift nature place.


    Celebrate your heartiest moments on hill station.


    We offer clean comfortable accommodation with variety of option like tent bungalow, cottages for night and day picnic.


    Fresh, local, seasonal, especially rural menu is always choose and prepared for our beloved tourist.