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  • Shivtirth Tourism, brings you a weekend feature highlighting the variety of services, stops and adventures available to you, your family, and visiting relatives right in our own backyard.

    Shivtirth Tourism has some special places that exhibit the true colors of the nature. Autumn is the season when our surroundings undergo a subtle change and the weather becomes pleasant. With so much of oozing charm around us, there are many places to visit in India that wear the fresh cologne & oodles of colors and compel us to step out of our homes and get enthralled by nature’s magnificence.

    The fact that you can only travel before the onset of winter makes them the best place to travel in India. Enjoy the wide and variety of flora and fauna, catch the breathtaking view lying under stars, and take the challenge of completing the task. Because nothing is as beautiful as the unscathed beauty of nature.

    Take the desert safari and play by the sand dunes as you ride your favorite SUVs. The finely scattered sun rays playing along the contours of sand make a pleasant sight as you contain every bit your mesmerizing trip at one of the best places to visit with Shivtirth Tourism.